Who we are

Wizard Code are a team of consultants who offer professional software development services. Our mission is to delivery high quality development services for real world problems. Our core areas are web applications, mobile apps, database design and development, website development and third-party integrations.

We specialise in several areas:

  • Web application development.
  • Desktop application development and services.
  • Migration of legacy apps to newer platforms.
  • Database design – Wizard code have many years of database expertise.
  • System design.

.NET development services

Our core engineering team specialise in building solutions with the .NET platform.  We can use the latest .NET Core Framework and the latest version of C# to build your business a custom software solution.  Our team has a depth of knowledge that extends across the entire .NET ecosystem. From WPF and UWP desktop apps, Windows services, Web services and existing WinForms and WebForms solutions we have worked on every type of .NET project. We are more recently building solutions that leverage the Azure platform and take a keen interest in migrating existing applications to the cloud.  We are committed to problem solving with sophisticated software design and high code quality.

Database services

Wizard Code is built upon a foundation of years of database experience.  We have delivered enterprise scale projects with most of the large database systems available.  We have created database systems that have been the backbone of our client’s operations for over 20 years.  We have guided our clients through the changes in technology ensuring we stay aware of the latest advancements that we can apply to their solutions for their benefit.  Whether it is SQL Server, SQL Azure, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, SAP or others, Wizard Code have built solutions based upon these systems. We can design databases that are totally customised to your business processes, allowing you to focus on delivering value to your customers whilst leveraging powerful inbuilt relational database management system functionality.