Software Developer Apprentice

We are looking for an Apprentice Software Developer to assist with our internal web application projects. You will need to deliver projects in a 3-tier architecture by writing UI code, business logic and data queries.

The Reward

£300 per week


1 available

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Shown the importance of getting the business logic correct to give a client the right result and how to pass this data up and down the 3 tiers
  • Will be taught Microsoft’s standard of naming conventions for C# and to comment frequently
  • Will use Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) to build rich, responsive web forms
  • Will understand ASP page life cycle, GET/POST, postbacks and partial-page refreshing to decide which tool is best for the best user experience they are trying to build
  • Will be heavily using the latest CSS standards to write modular style classes and understand how to use the various pseudo-classes
  • Heavily involved in writing SQL queries, both DDL and DML against Microsoft SQL 2016 databases
  • Create one-off queries and perform stored procedure calls using C# and ASP.NET SQL classes
  • Use the Visual Studio IDE to debug and step-through business logic
  • Debug UI code mostly using the developer tools available in modern browsers, and you’ll be shown how to drill down into AJAX payloads to diagnose your web service methods
  • Use tools such as Visio to design workflows and data modelling diagrams such as ERDs
  • Work on internal projects to design and build from the ground up
  • Shown how to go from translating a customer’s requirements through to deployment and testing
  • Use agile development methodology using the tools at hand, such as DevOps to follow development branches of software
  • Understand our support system in order to log and resolve issues and change requests
  • Improve code quality as he learns, and learning from his peers
  • Application security will be of the utmost importance when delivering projects, so must understand basic security flaws (SQL injection, cross-site scripting etc.) so you can write highly secure code
  • Use Azure DevOps GIT for source control and understand the features available with it


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