Database Migration

Database migration means moving your data from one platform to another. Wizard Code have experience migrating databases to newer platforms. There are several benefits of database migration:

  • Costs – Moving to a cloud-based solution saves on infrastructure costs and the expertise required to support it.
  • Modern applications – Your system may have outgrown its current database platform and require upsizing to a more suitable platform to match the application requirements.
  • One source of truth – Combining disparate sources of data so that previously siloed data is accessible by all departments in your company.

Database migration services we offer include:

Bring your on-premises databases to cloud – Hosting your databases on the cloud ensures maximum availability and resiliency. We can migrate any databases on your internal server to cloud based platforms.

Access to SQL Server – Microsoft Access has limits to the file size and amount of data stored. We can migrate your database and data to SQL Server and update your applications to ensure it is ready for the demands placed upon it.

SQLite to SQL Azure – When migrating from a desktop application to a web application the database requirements may be updated. For example, if your app uses SQLite but now needs to be accessed online it makes sense to migrate it to a cloud-based DB.

SQL Server 2008 EOL to SQL Server 2017 – SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 have reached end of life. Meaning they no longer receive critical security updates from Microsoft. We can migrate your server and databases to a newer version of SQL Server or onto the cloud.


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SQL Server

RDBMS that supports a wide variety of tasks in corporate IT environments

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Multi model RDBMS



Open-source, platform-independent, SQL-based database



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